When My Consultancy Business Really Took Off I realised the other day when my consultancy business suddenly changed from being a good business to a brilliant consultancy business. It was something that I did, or didn’t do… I was sitting around the table the other week with someone who used to be a consultancy client […]

Which Type Of Small Business Owner Are You? I have been marketing service businesses full time since 2003. I have worked with hundreds of different business owners, but I have spoken with thousands of them. I was sitting down with my mastermind group* the other day and they were discussing some of the people that […]

You Do Not Need A Funnel For Your Service Business I am quite a good worker, so I don’t spend all day every day on facebook or twitter, because I know that that is not where I do my best work. However, I do access it for some business-related content, and as a business owner […]

At 12.30 every Friday, around Myrtle Farm, Somerset, there’s a moment when time sort of.. stops.. At 12.30 every Friday, around Myrtle Farm, Somerset, there’s a moment when time sort of.. stops.. It’s the moment the Thatchers’ family see if their next vat of apple cider tastes as good as it should. Because its only […]

Selling More Of Your Consultancy Services To Existing Clients I was talking about Nespresso capsules and lessons about growing your business and someone chastised me for talking about ‘first world problems’. The issue was that apparently, they are not very environmentally friendly. I can honestly say that until that point I had not given the […]

The Flying Scotsman And Growing Your Business I saw the Flying Scotsman this morning. I was impressed, which I didn’t really expect to be. The only reason I saw it was that on my bike ride back from the gym I noticed on the cycle path by the railway various groups of people, many with […]

The Best Question To Ask To Win More Clients. Is there anything else that I can help you with? Is there? In terms of growing your business, this is one of my favourite questions. The best time to do it is when one of your clients is singing your praises for a job well done. […]

The Best Time Of The Year To Grow Your Service Business We are now into the best time of year to grow your service business; bar none. Easter is done and dusted. What a mess of April that makes. It is now May. If you are serious about growing your business, the next three months […]

Spell Out The Obvious In Your Business Services For Fast Growth I don’t quite know how or where to start with this one. It is quite bizarre, but if you can bear with me, I think it has a really sound business lesson contained within it. On the back of the packaging for some of […]

Selling A Service You Can Only Ever Sell Once Like This Van? There are certain rules in business that make your life a lot easier I find. One of them is that you should run a business that makes it easy for clients to keep using your service each and every month. Not all businesses […]