When My Consultancy Business Really Took Off I realised the other day when my consultancy business suddenly changed from being a good business to a brilliant consultancy business. It was something that I did, or didn’t do… I was sitting around the table the other week with someone who used to be a consultancy client […]

Selling More Of Your Consultancy Services To Existing Clients I was talking about Nespresso capsules and lessons about growing your business and someone chastised me for talking about ‘first world problems’. The issue was that apparently, they are not very environmentally friendly. I can honestly say that until that point I had not given the […]

Every Consultant Has The Ability To Instantly Grow Their Income & Business Every consultant has this in their business. Before I tell you what it is, let me just tell you that it is a great thing. Without exception, every consultant that I talk with has the ability to do this. What is it? The […]

How to build a six figure consultancy whilst holding down a full time job! Spoiler alert…. you can’t! Do you want to become a consultant with no expertise and no time whilst holding down a full time job and bringing up 35 children whilst only working 3 seconds a week but bringing in a six […]

Email Marketing Template For Consultants / Email Marketing Formula For Consultants What is the best email marketing template for consultants? How can you ensure that your email delivers results for your clients and prospects at the same time as always producing results for you too? I have the answer, well certainly the answer that works […]

Why Consultants Must Use Email Marketing If They Want A Successful Business If you are a consultant and you want to run a profitable and successful business, you must use email marketing. Not should, not could, but must. In my opinion, if you do not use email marketing you will be missing countless opportunities to […]

Marketing A Marketing Consultancy Business This may surprise you, but quite a lot of people on my free email marketing tips list for service business owners are marketing consultants. How do I know this? Well, from time to time I do take the time to do some housekeeping, and to see how my potential clients […]

How To Build A Seven Figure Consultancy Business So you want to know how to build a 7 figure consultancy business, yes? The good news is, if you can build a six figure consultancy business, it does not take a huge amount more effort to build a seven figure consultancy business. So that is going […]

Setting Up A Consultancy Business / Company In The UK If you are thinking of setting up a consultancy business or company in the UK, you will have a million and one thoughts and questions running through your mind. When I set up my consultancy business, I know that I did. So, rather than allow […]

The Marketing Consultant To Marketing Consultants You might be surprised to hear that quite a lot of the service business owners on my email marketing list are marketing consultants, but they are! How do I know this? Well, being a marketing consultant myself, I like to know what is working to bring new prospects to […]