A Simple Change To Your Small Business Website For Maximum Impact Do you have five minutes today? Would you like to make an improvement to your website which could produce new client enquiries for you on a regular basis in the future? I hope you said yes. In which case, which page should you do […]

How To Market Your Small Business Online If you are looking to attract new clients, you may well want to know how you can best market your business online. Marketing your business online has several benefits over offline advertising, but the biggest one by far is that marketing a business online means that you are […]

An Ode From A Small Business Website My owner made me and at first I looked fab, I had lots of pages, navigation and some tabs, Although I was quite small, I felt perfectly formed, My future was bright, Or so I was informed. The weeks went past, but no one came back, Not my […]

A Good Use Of Your Small Business Website Marketing Time I sincerely hope that you have a website for your business, and that this brings in leads to your service business on a regular basis. You do, don’t you? If not, then that is something that you should put at the very top of your […]

Small Business Blogs UK – Why Bother? To blog or not to blog for your small business, that is the question! I have a confession before I talk about small business blogging. I was very late to blogging, a cardinal sin for a marketing expert hey. The trouble is, whilst I was doing it for […]

How To Write Meta Tags For Your Small Business Services Website Without doubt, one of the best ways of obtaining more free traffic to your website is to have better written meta tags which are targeted towards relevant keywords to your service. Sadly, in most cases, when I am asked to review a small business […]

Amazon Marketing Secrets – The Buy Now Button And How It Can Help You To Market Your Business I am always on the lookout to learn from the big boys when it comes to the internet. I spend an awful lot of time looking at clients’ websites, competitors’ websites (largely to see how not to […]

Website Design Tips For Owners Of Service Businesses The wonderful thing about the internet is the ability to easily look at what your competitors are doing to see if you are missinig anything obvious. The even better thing is that you can look at the biggest internet businesses out there and learn from them too. […]

Website Design For Small Businesses A good website design should pay for itself for your service business many, many times over. On the flip side, a bad website design, carried out by a bad website designer (of which there are sadly too many), can eat up your time, your marketing budget, and worst of all […]