Small Business Internet Marketing Tips – Free MP3 Download

Small Business Internet Marketing Tips – Free MP3 Download

I was delighted to be asked recently to contribute to a series of events to help small business owners to make their businesses more successful and more profitable. I was asked to talk about small business internet marketing tips, more importantly about how to attract more visitors to your website, and how to convert those visitors into new clients. I had a really good response, and I am delighted to say that Emma Sargent has allowed me to share a copy of the audio recording with you.

As Emma said after the event, this is an hour packed full of instantly usable internet marketing tips. If you listen to the MP3 Audio now, make sure you have a pen and paper ready as I reveals some of my best small business internet marketing tips, including ones that I have previously only shared before with fee paying clients. These include:

  • Why you must know what OPPP means when it comes to your website content
  • The PASTOR system for writing great website copy
  • How to get to the top of Google using ethical, real methods that always work
  • At least another 20 small business internet marketing tips you can instantly apply to your website

This recording is worth at least £99 to your business, but probably thousands of pounds in new client instructions to you. However, I am prepared to share it with you free of charge if you are prepared to help me too (one good turn deserves another). All you have to do to access this recording right now, completely free of charge, is to click the ‘Share  To Get’ button below, share the link that pops up with your Twitter or Facebook page (once the Cloud Front software posts the link it does not store your account details and forgets them so it is perfectly safe), and you will then be taken straight to the MP3 to listen to the audio recording or to download it to listen to at a later date.

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