You Need A Unique Name For Your First Website Contact

You Need A Unique Name For Your First Website Contact

It is forever perplexing, is it not, that hundreds of people visit your website each and every month, yet only a few of them make contact with you about your services.

What a bunch of weirdos!

They decide they need a financial adviser, consultant, lawyer or estate agent, they Google the service name, they land on your website then most of them scarper before saying hello. Doh!

Now of course I am being a little facetious, but the point is valid isn’t it? If they have the need for your service in the first place, why don’t they just make contact with you when they arrive at your website? It would make your life so much easier and their life also, but they don’t.


This question forever challenges my mind. It constantly whirrs around and around, sometimes sending me slightly insane. This is why so many of my blog posts relate to increasing website conversion to make more than the average 0.075% of your visitors make contact with you (which is usually the figure, miles away from the 2% often banded around).

Changing this figure can dramatically increase your profits, so I do not think it is a bad aim to work on improving this. In fact, I know from having worked with hundreds of business owners it is one of the most successful investments of time spent on marketing.

This next method, therefore, should be of interest to you, because it is one of those things that just works really well at improving your website conversion rates.

Now if you are even reasonably good at website marketing, and if you have been reading my blog posts recently, you will know that you should never sell your services from your website

Instead, you only sell the first contact with you. That first contact might be a telephone call or the download of a guide to your services or a video training course, but it is never trying to sell your full services. That doesn’t work.

So here is a trick to sell more of these first contacts, which in turn, if you are any good at the service that you provide, will lead to more of these first contacts becoming clients.

Give everything a unique name and it becomes an awful lot more desirable.

Let me give you some examples…

Apple really get this. They get this better than anyone else.

We have had video conferencing for years, but it is only when Apple calls it Face Time and slaps it on your mobile device that it is taken up by the masses.

Everyone else promotes HD, Apple has ‘Retina Eye Display’. I want it and I want it now!

Finally, we all have programmes. When I think ‘programme’ I remember the Commodore 64, spending hours typing in computer code to get my name up on screen. I feel numb, bored and quite sick remembering that…

However, give me an APP and I am incredibly Appy. APPS are exciting. APPS are fun. I know they are just programmes, as do you, but the billions of downloads tell me that they work, and work beautifully too!

So whatever you first ask your contacts to do from your website, give it a unique name. I used to offer a Free Strategy Call to new prospects, now they have to request a More Clients Now Strategy Call.

What is different? It is all about them, it has the benefit in the title, and it increased requests by more than 300%.

Yes, that is 300%.

Unique name + benefit derived from taking action = huge increase in take up.

Point made?

In the next blog post I will share with you another tip to increase your website conversion.

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