Why Adwords Trumps Facebook When It Comes To Marketing Your Service Business Why is Google Adwords better than facebook when it comes to marketing your service business then? Well, aside from the fact that every man and his dog is currently advertising on facebook? Attraction marketing is the answer. The best form of marketing is […]

Buying Trainers And Optimising Your Google Adwords Campaign I needed some new casual trainers. I thought it would be easy, that was until my 15 year old son told me that I wasn’t allowed to choose them on my own. I could take offence at that. No, wait, I did. But I also trust his […]

Ideas For Split Testing Your Google Adwords Advertisements It is absolutely vital that you split test your Google Ads. I explained the why it is vital that you split test your google adwords advertisements in my last article so in this one I want to give you some ideas for split testing your Google Adwords […]

Why it is vital that you split test your google adwords advertisements If you spend any time working on your Google Adwords campaigns, you know that Google uses it’s own scoring system called Ad Rank to determine how close to the top of the search results you feature for your chosen keywords. Ad Rank is […]

Why I Love Running A Business As A Google Adwords Consultant I have offered my services as a google adwords consultant for many years now; although it has become a much more important part of my business in the last few years. When I was saying to a business friend recently how much I love […]

How To Become A Google Adwords Consultant Do you want to become a Google Adwords consultant? Do you want to know how to generate monthly income which is consistent, predictable, and most of all is built on the back of providing huge benefits to your Google Adwords clients? Becoming a Google Adwords consultant provides you […]

Google Adwords Tips And Ideas 4. Use Leading Capitals In Your Google Adwords Ad Copy Use leading capitals in your ad copy. In the majority of cases it increases click through rate. 3. Remove Non Performing Keywords From AdGroups Once you say a keyword has traction and is outperforming other keywords in an Adgroup, move […]

Split testing your Google Adwords Ad Copy How To Make Google Adwords More Effective Part 1 – Split testing your Google Adwords Ad Copy Google Adwords is such a clever advertising platform, and unique in the fact that it rewards you if your advertisements perform well by reducing the price you pay for further clicks. […]

What Can Pay Per Click Do For Your UK Service Business? Pay Per Click is one of the best forms of advertising for service business owners out there; bar none. Why? Well the why is the simple bit. Please read this carefully: Pay Per Click brings clients to you who are ready and willing to […]